Sean Jumps, while Karen Steps
Sean jumps while Karen steps

Yesterday, some people chose to do box jumps, while others chose to do step ups.  We have promoted step ups as a suitable subsitute for box jumps, but I realized after yesterday’s workout that they are not the same.  Box Jumps are an explosive movement that test your power, speed, strength, and cardio-respiratory capacity.  Step ups are a slower, more controlled movement, and lack the “moving a large load over a long distance QUICKLY,” that the CrossFit ideology preaches.  So, what to do?  Unless, you have serious knee or hip issues, it is time to listen to Van Halen and JUMP!   Anyone who has not tried jumping yet will try tonight.  Remember, we have the 12″ boxes for a reason, and if those are too high we can use a bumper plate.  See everyone tonight!

Today’s WOD – Complete for time

  • 50-35-20
    • KettleBell Swings
    • Air Squats
    • Double Unders

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FUNDAMENTALS – We meet tonight @ 6pm.  The next Fundamentals group starts Monday, November 30th.

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