Today’s Schedule –

  • 5:30pm – CrossFit Class
  • 6:00pm – CrossFit Class


  • 6am/5:15pm/6:00pm/6:45pm CrossFit Classes

Hey Everyone!  Doug, Katie, Erin, and I are having a great time down here in Tampa.  The conference is going really well.  One of the lectures focused on agonist/antagonist movements like a push/pull complex.  We’re going to start with body wegiht movements and get some feedback from you on whether you like it.  The idea here is that although you are still working, you are giving an active rest to the muscle you are not using since you shut off neurological communication to that muscle and actively try to recruit another muscle group.  We hope everyone had a great workout wtih Eddie on Saturday.  Dave Lipson from CrossFit Exodus will be leading tonight’s classes.

Links –

Sean demonstrates a "Chest to Bar" Pull up
Sean demonstrates a "Chest to Bar" Pull up

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm up
  • WOD – 5 Rounds for total reps (Only count during Pull ups, Push up, Squat, Jump Rope)
    • Max Pull ups – 30 sec
    • Max Push ups – 30 sec
    • Plank – 15 sec
    • Superman Hold – 15 sec
    • Max Air Squats – 30 xec
    • Max Jump Rope (Doubles if possible) – 30 sec
    • Plank – 15 sec
    • Superman Hold – 15 sec
  • Stretch / Foam Roll
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