We will be testing our max effort 500m row today.  Remember we tested our three rep max for the Deadlift, Back Squat and Overhead Press.  We also tested max pull ups.  Make sure you have these numbers recorded.

Monday is March 1st, which means we’ll be starting our Strength and Sprints month.  Get ready to get strong and lean.

Tough Mudder – We have about 14 people interested so far.  We need a team name.  Anyone have any good ideas?  Team Dottie anyone?  We need to decide on a team name today.  I will register first and register the team name.  Once that is done I will advise all who are interested to register.  You will have to select that you are registering as a team member and choose our team name.  If you sign up before Sunday, Feb 28 you get $10 off the $80 purchase price or $70.  After that day the price goes up to $90 – $10 or $80.  I think we should do public transportation (i.e. party bus) both ways so we can get rowdy on the way home.  Let the team names begin!

Today’s Links –

D Russ - It's Good!
D Russ - It's Good!
It was John's day, but the Animal was in town!
It was John's day, but the Animal was in town!
And they're off...
And they're off...

Schedule –

  • Foam Roll / Mobility Warm up
  • 500m row – Max Effort
  • WOD – “Barbie” – my own little variation of Barbara. 5 Rounds for total reps with 3 min rest between each round.
    • 10 Burpees
    • 20 Pull ups
    • 30 Wall Balls
    • 40 V-Ups
  • Stretch
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