Fundamentals – We are finishing our current Fundamentals group this Thursday.  Next week we will be starting a NEW Fundamentals Group.  If you are interested or know someone who is interested please have them email  Thanks!

CrossFit Games Sectionals Open –Saturday, 04/02/11 @ 10:30am.  Judges and Cheering needed.

Today’s Recipe – Zesty Cilantro Lime Roasted Chicken – Food Renegade

Today’s Links –


Mer showing off a little OHS skill
Dottie, it's amazing you can still squat below parallel with your prosthetic.

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Spend 15 minutes working on your 04/30/11 Goal
  • WOD – Choose from…
    • One  you missed this week
    • CF Endurance
    • Power/Olympic Lifting
    • Skill Work (Muscle Up / HSPU)
  • Grab a Lacrosse Ball and spend some time on those areas that are toight like a toiger.
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