The Warrior Challenge –  Erin and I just signed up! -Hosted by Jersey Shore CrossFit –  A number of our members did this challenge last year and had a blast.  Let’s get a big group for this year.  I know some people have already signed up.  Please write your name down if you are signing up.

Saturday, 05/21 – CrossFit 908 meets Crossfit OTG for a workout in Williamstown, NJ. We’ll workout in the morning, then make our way to AC to party the day/night/early morning away. We booked two rooms at the Trump Plaza for May 21.  If you are interested, sign your name up on the whiteboard.

Fundamentals – We will be starting a new Fundamentals group on Tuesday, 05/03 @ 6:45pm.  The class will run for 4 weeks meeting on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  If you know anyone who is interested, please have them contact

PJ’s Movie Corner

Today’s Recipe – Pistachio Crusted Baked Chicken – Life As A Plate

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Allison showing off some air squat skills
The calm before the sectional storm. The worst part about these workouts.

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Goal Work – Spend at least 15 minutes, if not the whole class on attempting your 04/30 goal.  Beginning May 1st we will be putting up short term goals.  You will have a one-month and two month goal written down.
  • If you have completed your goal work, complete a workout you missed, pick up something heavy or complete an endurance workout.
  • Stretch
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