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Today’s Recipe – The Perfect Cup of Coffee – Nate Green

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In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old son T.J.

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Barbell Warm Up For Workout – 3 rds NOT for time
    • 5 Barbell Deadlifts
    • 5 Barbells Jump Shrugs From Hang
    • 5 Barbell Front Squats
    • 5 Barbell Press (rd 1), Push Press (rd 2), Push/Split Jerk (rd 3)
  • WOD – “DT” – 5 Rounds For Time
    • 12 Deadlifts (155/105)
    • 9 Hang Power Clean (155/105)
    • 6 Push Jerk (155/105) – You can Press, Push Press, Push Jerk or Split Jerk the weight
    • Side Note – The weights listed are as “rx’d” weights and are going to be too heavy for 99% of the people who want to do this workout.  Choose a weight that is challenging but won’t leave your L4-5 on the mat after the workout.  Check yo ego at the door.
  • Hollow Holds – Work up to a total of 2 minutes.  Lower back must be in contact with the floor.
  • Stretch