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CrossFit 908 members!  If you know anyone who is interested in trying CrossFit, we are featured today on LIVINGSOCIAL.  We are offering an unlimited month of classes for $45 (a $160 value).  The coupon will also be valid for Fundamentals for anyone that has not tried CrossFit before.  Please spread the word about your favorite gym!

CrossFit 908 trip to Atlantic City.  Here are some details

  • Hotel – Erin and I have booked 3 rooms at the Trump Plaza.  That should be plenty of room for all of us. We will be sleeping 5 to a room just to keep it intimate.  Cost will be about $70 per person for accommodations.  During the day, if it is nice out, we’ll go to the beach or outside pool.  If it is not nice, we’ll probably hit an indoor pool or the Pool at Harrah’s.  It would be great to get a big group dinner together.  Carmine’s works really well for large groups, but if anyone has other suggestions post to the comments.
  • Driving – Carpooling sounds like the best plan.  Erin and I can drive two people.  I know Katie B. said she can drive some people too since she has a big SUV.  Anybody else willing to donate some rides?
  • Workout – CrossFit OTG was nice enough to host us at their 8:30am class on Saturday morning.  That means we’ll have to leave no later than 7am to make the workout.  People can meet at our apartment or at the gym.  I will get an email going with everyone who will be on the trip so we can figure it out.
  • Coming Home – I’m not sure anyone is looking to spend a quality Sunday in AC, so don’t fret.  I’m sure we’ll all get up on Sunday with that glorious, hungover taste in our mouth, grab an 80oz iced coffee and hit the road.

Today’s Recipe – Hawaiian Stuffed Burgers – Life As A Plate

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Say goodbye to that 8ft wall ball line. The new line starts @ 9ft and goes to 10ft.
Sumo Deadlift high Pulls - Hours of Fun!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – “Nasty Girls” – 3 Rounds For Time
    • 50 Air Squats
    • 7 Muscle Ups (Sub 21 Pull Ups & 21 Ring Dips)
    • 10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
  • 3 x 25 GHD Hip Extensions
  • Stretch
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