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Regionals Schedule

LIVING SOCIAL FUNDAMENTALS CRASH COURSE –  THE NEXT ONE IS SCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY, JUNE 28 – THURSDAY, JUNE 30.  It is a 3-night course that will get you up to speed on the elements of CrossFit essential to getting the most out of your unlimited month.  Please do your best to make it to ALL 3 .  Thank you.

Nutrition Challenge  Update-

  • Challenge officially starts on Monday, 06/27.  Next week everyone will have an opportunity to weigh in and perform the benchmark workout.
    • Weigh in on the scale at the gym (No sneakers – Weigh in Before/After @ same time of day)
    • Benchmark Workout – You must have someone watch you to count reps.  Any member will do.  You will be able to perform the workout next week (T-F during any regularly scheduled class)  Judges will be expected to uphold legitimate standards. i.e. if a ball doesn’t go above the blue line on a wall ball IT DOESN”T COUNT.
    • Point System – I am still figuring this out, but it will be an integral part of the scoring.
    • Body Fat Testing – I have decided to forgo bodyfat testing since it is extremely personal and requires me to squeeze you with calipers.  To some of you that might sound fantastic, but I’m sure there are those who wouldn’t like it.  If 100% of people planning to do the challenge don’t mind, I’ll squeeze away.  If 1 person objects it is off.  You can email me to let me know if you are NOT comfortable and it will be kept private.
    • Nutrition Talk / CF 908 Night Out – Wed 6/22 – 7:30-8:00pm Nutrition Pow Wow.  Ask questions, discuss meals and approaches and all the rules of the challenge.  We’ll go out for some drink after to either Delicious Heights or The Tavern in Scotch Plains.

Today’s Recipe – Grain-Free Sun Butter and Jelly Squares – Life As A Plate

Today’s Links –

Put 'em in a body bag Johnny!


"Kelly" Box Jumps....Brutal!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • OHS – Warm up to the weight you are going to workout with.
  • WOD – “Nancy” Five Rounds For Time
    • Run 400m
    • 15 Overhead Squats (95/65)
  • Accessory – 50 Toes To Bar
  • Stretch
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