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LIVING SOCIAL FUNDAMENTALS CRASH COURSE –  THE NEXT ONE IS SCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY, JUNE 28 – THURSDAY, JUNE 30.  It is a 3-night course that will get you up to speed on the elements of CrossFit essential to getting the most out of your unlimited month.  Please do your best to make it to ALL 3 .  Thank you.

Today’s Recipe – Slow Roasted Sea Bass with Swiss Chard – Gavan Murphy

Today’s Links –


HSPU set up at the Regionals!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • 2011 CrossFit Games Regional WOD #6 – For Time
    • 20 Calorie Row
    • 30 Burpees (Jump to 2-25# plates.  Pause with hips open)
    • 40 Ground To Overhead (45#/35# Dumbbells)
    • 50 Toes to Bar (Heels behind hips at bottom, Anywhere from foot to shin can hit the bar)
    • 100 Foot Overhead Walking Lunge (45#/25#) – Back Knees must make contact with ground and hips must open at the top.
    • 150 Foot Sprint
  • 3 x 20 GHD Hip Extensions
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