You’re probably wondering why the title of today’s posts contains one of the greatest musical masterpieces in American history.  See, here is the thing.  I don’t know how to Dougie, but if CF 908 were a dance studio, and it were Thursday, I’d sure as hell ask the instructor to teach me how to Dougie.  Unfortunately we are not a dance studio, but don’t worry!  I can teach you how to do other things like kipping pull ups, muscle ups, proper row technique, olympic lifts, etc.  Use today and all Thursdays as a way to work on things you don’t know how to do so well.  Pat and I should be able to give you all some basic instruction on days like these.  It won’t be a 45 min one-on-one, but we’ll do our best to get you on your way to wherever it is you want to go.

1/2 Cow Share – Our very own Victoria has some cows (grass fed of course) that need a home, and by home I mean freezer.  Victoria has 3 half cow shares up for grabs.  A half share runs about $1,000.  You’ll get all the cuts you want from the cow (including organ meat if you like that stuff).  Avg price per pound, and don’t hold me to it, works out to about $6. The actual cost per lb based on hanging weight is $4.00 plus $0.20 if you want your cuts vacuum sealed.  The way this works is first come, first serve.  i.e. You need to respond in the comments section.  3-2-1 GO.

Seriously, this is what's for dinner.

Today’s Recipe – Peanut Sesame Chicken Satay Skewers – Life As a Plate

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What an amazing father/daughter photo, except for your rounded backs! Let's go Romagnano's! Happy 21st Birthday Christina!
Melissa locking out a push press!

Schedule –

  • Mobilize yourself
  • Goal Work / Make up a missed WOD
  • Mobilize yourself a bit more
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