31 Heroes WODOn September 3, 2011 CrossFit gyms across the nation and world will gather together to honor our heroes killed in action August 5, 2011 with a workout in an effort to raise funds for the families affected by this tragedy. All funds received will go to these families through the Navy SEAL Foundation.  We will be hosting this event.  Please post your desire to participate to the comments section.  Thanks!

Today’s Recipe – Chipotle Grilled Flank Steak – Gavin Murphy – This looks delicious.  Side note.  I hear a lot of people pronounce the word Chipotle as if it were spelled ChipoLTE.  Just something I notice.  Anyone agree?

Today’s Links  –

Niel judging Jamie during the Benchmark WOD.
Rick during a power clean. Hips haven't fully reached extension, and the bar is a bit too far in front of his body. All in all a great improvement in his form, but still some nuances that need to be fixed and will lead to some nice performance gains.

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Deadlift – 3-3-3- @ 90%+ of 1RM
  • WOD – Complete a 100yd sprint at the top of every minute for ten minutes.  Rest remainder of minute.
  • Finisher – 2 min Handstand Hold OR Handstand Walk 60m.
  • Stretch
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