SlantShack Jerky – One of our new member’s, Scott, roommate from college started his own beef jerky business. They sell grass-fed beef jerky.  Scott says it’s really good, and he is going to bring in some samples.  Maybe we can get a large order together.  If interested, let me know.

Today’s Recipe – Grilled Sweet Potato Medallions in Rosemary Butter Sauce – Life As A Plate

Today’s Links –


What's up Dots, can we rock? Get those knees out. My experience tells me Katie has good shoulder and Thoracic mobility but hips are tight as evidence by her knees slightly tracking inside her toes. Thoughts?
Ron Mexico is looking much better in his OHS. Still have some tight shoulder/tight hip stuff going on, but getting better.

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Psoas Flossing and Biker Hips – Watch Video and Give It a Try.  If you have tight hips, this be for you
  • Fool Around / Have Fun / Do Something You Absolutely Hate or Suck At.
  • Mobilize some more.  Hang around for an extra 10 minutes, get on a roller, lacrosse ball, box, etc. and work out your issues.
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