Happy Birthday Allen!  We are so happy you are a part of CrossFit 908 and will be training more classes soon!

Crossfit 908’s 2nd Birthday Party – POTENTIAL DATE CHANGE.  For everyone that already responded yes to October 15, can you make October 22nd?  We just found out that October 16 is the last challenge in the Nasty Northeast Competition.  I don’t want to screw things up, but if the 22nd works, which is also Barbells for Boobs, then we may switch it to that date. PLEASE RESPOND TO THE COMMENTS SECTION!

Today’s Recipe – Chicken Wings – Perfect Health Diet

Today’s Link –

J&J rocking some SDHP's... Inseparable and somehow finish each workout at the exact same time!
Lara loves anything sumo....no he didn't! What's up with your bar being so uneven?!

Schedule –

  • Warm Up
  • Choose a WOD – Missed / Lift / Endurance
  • Stretch
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