Nutrition Challenge – Starts 10/10/11 – Ends Wednesday 11/23/11 – This is a six week challenge.  We will be using the guidelines from the Whole 30.  Go to the site, read about the nutrition plan, and get ready for a great challenge!  Details regarding scoring are soon to come.

Party Update – The Party will remain on October 15 @ 8pm.  It looks like the most amount of people can attend that day, and you know that at CF908 we’re all about a lot of people having a good time.  We can have a big slumber at the gym, and then go cheer on CF 908 on Sunday in the last event of the Nasty Northeast Throwdown.  I appreciate everyone responding with their availability.  Thanks!

Today’s Recipe – Paleo Banana Bread – Elana’s Pantry

Today’s Link –


Hope finishing her sumo with elbows high and outside.
Vicki with a nice set up!

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – With a partner complete the following
    • 300 Wall Balls (20/14 to 10ft target)
    • NOTE: While one partner completes wall balls, the other partner runs 300 meters.  When the runner returns, the partners switch.  This continues until the team hits 300 wall balls.
  • Stretch
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