Nutrition Challenge Day #15 – We are eliminating dairy from our diet this week and will continue to exclude it for the remainder of the Nutrition Challenge.  We now have removed grains, legumes, added sugars and dairy.  We are giving you the option to use up to 1tbsp of heavy cream and/or butter on a daily basis.  Fair warning though, some people have cut out dairy all together and have seen remarkable results already.  If you have any form of intolerance, the slightest bit can set you back.  It is up to you.  There are 4.5 weeks left in the challenge.  I am happy to see most everyone is still posting!  REMEMBER to post your score today for Saturday, Sunday, Week 1, Week 2, and Total thus far.  Two weeks in, and I’m hearing some numbers of 5lbs+ already!  Keep up the great work everyone.

Week Ahead:

  • Mon, 10/25 – AMRAP
  • Tue, 10/26 – Chipper
  • Wed, 10/27 – ?
  • Thurs, 10/28 – Custom / DIY…with our help
  • Fri, 10/29 – A 2010 CrossFit Open Sectional Triplet
  • Saturday, 10/30 – A wild team WOD

Today’s Recipe – Stuffed Peppers – Chowstalker

Today’s Link – Tropical Traditions Green Label Coconut Oil Review – Primal Palate. Now that you are not allowed dairy, you should be looking into some unrefined coconut oil for cooking, etc.

We had a great turnout on Saturday for Barbells for Boobs. 39 people completed Grace, with many of those people either doing it for the first time or setting a personal record. Thank you to everyone who came out, worked out, judged, cheered and made Saturday such a great event.


  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – 20 min AMRAP
    • 10 Ring Rows
    • 10 HSPU
    • 10 Burpee Box Jumps
  • Accessory – 3 x 20 GHD Hip Extensions
  • Stretch
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