New Classes! – Monday / Wednesday @ 9:30am! – Starting Monday, 11/28.

Thanksgiving Schedule –

  • Wed – 11/23 – Unchanged
  • Thurs – 11/24 – Thanksgiving – 1 Class @ 10AM
  • Friday – 11/25 – 6AM / 9:30AM / 4:30PM / 5:15PM – NO 6PM
  • Saturday – 11/26 – 9:30AM

Some great Mobility drills in the video below to help you open up your thoracic spine, rack position, ankles and calves.  Each person in the gym has an area of their body that they know needs to be mobilized.  For Allen, he knows his ankles are super inflexible.  Ron’s shoulders are always tight.  I typically feel some pinching in the front of my hip as I approach a deep squat.  So, my warm up always includes rolling around on a lacrosse ball attacking my hip capsule, quad stretching and hip openers.  It doesn’t get my heart rate up or my central nervous system ready to lift tons of weight, but it is essential to helping create efficient movement patters for me.  YOU need to know that there is something you could be working on.  In order to enact change, you must be persistent working on that area.  If you need help, always ask.  Here is a great video from Mobility WOD showing how one lifter spends 15 minutes every time she lifts working on 4 major mobility drills.  Notice how quickly she can effect change.

Today’s Recipe – Squash and Ricotta Casserole – Chowstalker

Today’s Link – The Problems With Antibiotics – They Kill The Good Guys and Make You Fat – Mark’s Daily Apple

Mike H

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • WOD – For Time
    • 300m Farmers Carry – (100+/70+)
    • 300m Overhead Carry (45+/25+)
    • 300m Walking Lunge
    • 300m Sprint
  • Stretch Quads / Hips / Shoulder
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