CrossFit 908 has found a perfect way to celebrate the end of the PALEO challenge by attending a PALEO cooking class at Ninety Acres Culinary Center. Space is limited to the first 17 people who respond on the Web site, so sign up quickly! Here is the deal….

NATIRAR welcomes those who share a passion for great food and wine to indulge their appetite for all things epicurean at Ninety Acres Culinary Center.  We support local agriculture with our menu that offers fresh, local ingredients.  Our wine list boasts over 1,200 different selections, many of which are sustainably, organically and biodynamically produced.  Set against the rolling acres of our farm, Ninety Acres Culinary Center is located in the Carriage House & Garage and have been lovingly restored as a testimony to the estate’s past and in their creative rebirth, we have emerged as a demonstration of sustainability.  Farm to Table is one thing; we are a Table at the Farm.

The Cooking School at Ninety Acres Culinary Center is the result of a strategic partnership forged between Natirar and the Viking Range Corporation.  The cooking school is designed for both small-group hands-on cooking classes, as well as large group lectures given by world-renowned culinary personalities.  The facility is outfitted with world-class Viking appliances and will feature an extensive calendar of annual spot-light events and a rich curriculum of visiting chefs and vintners that will teach culinary classes to members, hotel guests and the public alike.  All classes are led with a keen eye toward seasonality and sustainability.  More than 1200 square feet in size, The Cooking School features three comfortable workstations for hands-on classes.

Date: February 26th, 2012

Time: 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Location: NATIRAR-Ninety Acres Culinary Center, 2 Main Street, Peapack-Gladstone, NJ 07977 (directions on the Web site,

Cost: $150 per person, includes cooking class, recipes, food and wine, service and tax charge. Payment is needed prior to attending the cooking class. You can drop off your payment off at the office or give it directly to Heather.


TODAY – Do something you hate today.  It is what makes us different at CrossFit 908.  People don’t go to spin class because they hate spinning, and people don’t Zumba because it sucks, so why do something you currently hate at CrossFit 908.  For two reasons: First it is guaranteed to improve your level of fitness, and second, you will most likely learn to like that movement.  Double Unders can be, scratch that, are the most frustrating movement.  I’ve seen many a jump rope thrown across the gym.  I’ve seen whip marks, tears, screams, curses, etc.  But, the elation someone feels when they can consistently perform double unders in workouts is insurmountable.  So, find that one movement you hate, work on it for 30 minutes or incorporate it into a workout and know that you are making yourself better.  Know that most people are not working on their weaknesses. Know that most people refuse to do things they hate, except for go into work every day :).  Do I smell a double under challenge?

Note from the owner: Hey guys, I just spoke to the owner of 908, and he wanted me to pass a few things along….

  1. Take your pull up bands down when you are done
  2. Put your equipment away when you are done
  3. Clean your chalk marks when you are done
  4. Notice how things are organized, and do your best to keep them that way
  5. Keep your stuff (pre workout gear, post workout supplements, etc.,) in the new warm up area.

This owner guy is a real bear.

Dr. Christopher Stepien will be in the house tonight.  Make sure you are signed up!

President’s Day Schedule – Monday, 02/20 – 9am / 4:30pm / 5:15pm / 6pm

Avon clearly doing something she hates.
908's version of a Games Standard Ring Row. D-Mack executing nicely. I think this movement is totally underrated. Try a max set, then compare that to how many kipping pull ups you can do. Midline pulling is a great exercise for posture.

Schedule –

  • Mobility Warm Up
  • Goal Work / Do something you hate
  • Tight lower back? – Hip/Quad Stretch and Squat test.  Tight Shoulders and upper back? – Use the stretch bands and double lacrosse balls in your thoracic spine. Tight hips?  Sit in a pigeon pose to work on external rotation and dig into your hip capsule with a lacrosse ball.
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