Take the first half of class today to work on a skill. This can be anything from trying double unders to snatching to muscle ups. Ask one of the coaches for some tips on how to improve your movement patterns. Today is a great day to find a buddy and workout with them. We’ve seen some great successes with people partnering up on days like these. We have members who regularly meet up on Thursdays to lift or workout. This is a great example of how the community aspect of CrossFit is one of the main drivers of success.

Dia-Beat-This – I also want to take the time to give some shout outs to my 908 coaches. Pat, Allen, Ron and Jake have been doing an outstanding job, and they deserve to hear it. These guys care about each and everyone of you, and only want the best for your health. Use them as a resource. They are the key to your success at the gym. Each of us coach in a different way, but what remains constant throughout the 908 staff is the genuine concern we have for each client. We continually strive to improve our coaching techniques and our relationships with each athlete.

These guys have been a huge help for me over the past six weeks. After the CrossFit Northeast Regionals I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I had been losing weight going into the competition, then lost a bunch more right after the competition and started to think something might be wrong. With Erin losing her job our benefits were about to run up, and she encouraged me to go see a doctor. Long story short, my blood sugars were through the roof, and now I am insulin dependent. After seeking lots of advice from people like Robb Wolf, Matt Lalonde and our very own Victoria Prince, I decided to try an autoimmune diet for a month to see if I could enact any changes in my body. Talk about strict eating, no dairy, no grains, no nightshades, no legumes, etc. Another part of the puzzle is trying to reduce stress levels and getting lots of sleep. As a result, I have been training less classes. I have also taken a new focus on my own training for this next year. I have been training with the great folks over at Brazen Athletics (Big Jay, Kristy, Carolyn, and Alex). As everyone knows, having someone to hold you accountable and push you to do things you thought you couldn’t is a huge plus. I’m positive that training with Jason and the Brazen folks will undoubtedly make me a more competitive athlete in the Region next year, and that is one of my main goals. The support I had from the 908 crew was amazing this year, and next year I want to make you all proud.

908 is my home, and I will never leave it, but it is great to know we have amazing coaches that can run the show when I am not around. A big thank you to our 908 coaches.

If anyone has comments or feedback about the staff (including myself) please don’t hesitate to pass it along.


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