The past three days’ workouts were extremely tough.  Between overhead squats, double unders, pull ups, and hang power cleans, I think I have successfully frustrated nearly 100% of the 908 clientele.  This was not my intention.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses.  CrossFit is an attempt to better yourself in all areas of fitness.  It is a journey, not a race.  Heed the saying, slow your roll.  Stop trying to be the fittest person in the world in 3-months.  One, it won’t happen, and two, you are going to hurt yourself.  Focus on learning technique and practicing that technique on a weekly basis.  When your mechanics are good, and you can consistently perform technical movements like the clean and the snatch with great form, then it’s time to add weight and go a little faster.  If you all put your faith in me and the other trainers, believe in the programming at 908, and make consistency at the gym your top priority, I guarantee you phenomenal results.  We are fully invested in you and your road to fitness.  I leave you with this amazing video.  Terry Crews rocks.

Today – Work on a skill, goal, strength, endurance, or make up a missed workout.  Have fun, and get better!

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