Today we are completing a workout in support of a very good friend of Brazen Athletics. Here is a note from Jay and Kristy.

A little over a month ago, one of Brazen Athletics members, Lukasz Lisowski, had an unfortunate accident and is currently in the hospital in very critical condition. From the beginning there was a lot of doubt in his recovery, but he kept proving every doctor, nurse and staff member wrong by refusing to give up his fight. 
After being in a coma for 3 weeks, Lukas finally opened his eyes and showed a sign of life. The road ahead depends on his treatment and care. Since he is here in the US on a student Visa, his treatment is not guaranteed and he does not have insurance. His only chance of the most normal life possible is to be transitioned to live in rehabilitation center, and at this point charity care will not cover the expense. 

For those who knew Luke, they know he a passion for sports, music, movies and comedy. He always carried a smile on his face even at the hardest times. His closest friends and family called him the “Joker” because every day he had a new joke to share. He recently found a new passion, one that many of you share, CrossFit. He was dedicated and committed stepping out of his comfort zone at Brazen. At home, he practiced movements to improve and get better even when he was drained after a long day. He was lucky to meet coaches Kristy, Jason, Alex and Carolyn, and spoke highly of them every day. He also looked up to many of the members at Brazen, admiring their skill and athleticism. Everyone around him was a role model.

Two years ago, Lukas decided to start a new path in his life and come to the US for a better education. His goal was to learn English and move onto a college for a degree, something he would not have the opportunity to do in his country of Poland. Within a couple of months, he was able to communicate and speak fluently. His family supported his decision, and he is thankful of everyone in his course to a better life. Lukasz deserves a chance to fight. From this point he needs extensive rehabilitation, which might not be available to him in the US. His other option is to be moved back to his country at the state that he is in and get treatment there. 

DONATE AND GIVE LUKAS A SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE. LETS HELP HIM CHANGE HIS THOUGHTS.  Any donations can be left with any of the coaches.

Workout – This a partner workout..  20 min AMRAP of

  • Partner 1 aka Pace Setter – 400m Run
  • Partner 2 aka Worker – 5 Pull Ups / 10 Push Ups / 15 Air Squats
    • NOTE: After partner 1 returns from the run, he/she will pick up right where partner 2 is finishing.  The goal is for the most completed rounds of 5/10/15.
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