06/01/14: Regionals Day 3

Team 908 took on some thrusters and rope climbs for Events 4 and 5.  The ladies came in 4th overall and the men 7th!  Event 6 was tough with strict handstand push ups, burpees, and hang power cleans, but we hit our goal so we were pleased.  After Day 2 we moved up seven spots to 14th place overall!  Tomorrow is the final day of competition, and our heats will be on at 9:25 and 11am on http://games.crossfit.com.  Tune in to watch!

The amount of 908ers and other supporters cheering for us was unbelievable.  We easily had the loudest cheers out of any team, even the announcer was loving it and said, “I’ve never seen a crowd like the sea of red, we’ve got great communities out here.”  You guys were screaming your hearts out for us, and it motivated us so much more!  We can’t thank you all enough!

Sea of red
Screenshot from the live feed: Sea of red

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