07/12/14 – Congrats Jay & Ali and Juan & Nury!

Congratulations to Jay & Ali who were married yesterday, and Juan and Nury who are getting married today!

Nutrition Challengers – Congratulations, you’re done!  Please make sure to weigh out by this weekend and send your final weights/points to Erin at [email protected].

CrossFit 908 Bar Night – We are long overdue for a CrossFit 908 night out. Let’s celebrate summer and the end of the nutrition challenge – join us Friday, July 18 at 8PM at King Bennie’s Tiki Lounge at Nagoya.

Today’s Workout – Grace Gone Wild (Teams of 2)  

  • Partner 1 aka Pacesetter – 300m Run
  • Partner 2 aka Worker – 100 Clean & Jerks (Sx = 95/65, Rx = 135/95)
    • NOTE: After partner 1 returns from the run, he/she will pick up right where partner 2 is finishing.  The goal is to complete 100 C&J’s for time.
Jay & Ali
Jay & Ali
Juan & Nury