07/22/14: On the road again….

Erin and I are off to California to watch the 2014 Crossfit Games.  It is so exciting to go this year because we have come to know several of the athletes competing.  For athletes to even make it to this stage is so impressive.  They will be put to the test to find out who is the fittest, but we already know that every athletes there is exceptional. Best of luck to everyone competing.

A quick update on me, and what I’ll be involved in over the next couple months.  I head to DC for training camp on 08/10.  I will be there for 10-days practicing with the DC Brawlers and prepping for the regular season.  We have a match on 8/23 in Phoenix, and then another one in DC on 08/26.  I’ll be back in NJ from 8/27 – 8/31. 09/01 I have to head back to DC to start practice for our 3rd match on 09/06 in DC.  I return back to NJ for a week, before I have to head back to DC for post season prep. From there through the first week of October I will be traveling from DC to Charlotte to DC to Vegas to DC, and finally back home around October 6.  What I once thought would be a minimal time commitment has turned out to be a full time gig, not surprisingly either as the level of professionalism and effort going into making the NPGL happen is massive.  Despite me being gone, I will still be heavily involved with the coaches, the blog, emails, etc.  I am not planning on “leaving” or “closing” the gym.  908 is my home, and I will never leave it permanently.  This opportunity is too great to pass up, and while I”ll miss you guys dearly, I’m beyond excited for a new chapter in my life.  The toughest part for me will be being away from Erin.  We spend everyday together and have for the past 2+ years.  I wish she could be with me all the time, but I know she’ll be cheering me on from NJ.  I’ll miss you, Er!  Thanks for helping me get this far.  I could not have done it without you.  I love you.

I hope you all follow the DC Brawlers this season.  The team is amazing, and the races are really fun to watch.  Thank you to everyone for your support thus far.

Brawl Out!


Today’s Workout:

  • 5 Rounds For Time (40 min time cap)
    • 400m Row
    • 40 Double Unders
    • 400m Run
  • Finisher – Mobilize – Hamstring Stretch on rig 2 min per leg / couch stretch on wall 2 min per leg
Katherine and the hidden man.
Katherine and the hidden man.


12 thoughts on “07/22/14: On the road again….”

  1. Christine Vivino aka Cuban Pete

    Your 908 Family is behind you 100% what an amazing opportunity you have! Go get em’ !!!

  2. Ok so can we put together a trip to root for you and if you make the finals in Vegas can you get us a spot at a pool party?

  3. Best Wishes, we all know you’re gonna kick ass! Also, should’ve been 4 rounds… there’s 4’s everywhere else. I’m just sayin, keep it consistent .. LOL jk