7/17/14 – Thursday Yoursday

CrossFit 908 Bar Night – We are long overdue for a CrossFit 908 night out. Let’s celebrate summer and the end of the nutrition challenge – join us Friday, July 18 at 8PM at King Bennie’s Tiki Lounge at Nagoya.

Today is Thursday Yoursday.  You can use any of today’s scheduled classes to make up a workout that you missed this week.  You can work on a skill, lift something heavy, work on endurance, or just mobilize.  Make sure to ask your coaches for help. Enjoy your day.

Optional Strength – Find a 1RM Clean (Squat)

Optional Endurance – 10 x 100m Hill Sprint – Driveway to 2nd stop sign.  Walk down as recovery.

Bridget, deep in thought.
Bridget, deep in thought.

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