Burpees for Brooke fundraiser – 4/27/13


Hi everyone, so far we have raised over $16,500 for Burpees for Brooke! This is absolutely amazing, and we thank all of you for your support!

Here are some details regarding Saturday’s fundraiser:
Please plan to show up at CrossFit 908 anytime between 9am – 11am. We will be running heats every 15 minutes to help keep the event running smoothly and also to build camaraderie. If anyone plans on doing more than 50 burpees, that is perfectly okay as well. We want to record all the hard work that is completed here on Saturday. Please don’t leave the gym without giving your name as well as how many burpees you’ve completed. We would like to fill up the whiteboard with everyone’s names and numbers and crush our goal of 10,000 burpees! ***Also, please plan to wear gray in support of the Healey family.*** Light refreshments will be provided as well.

If you plan on donating money at the event, please bring cash or checks (make checks out to Heartworks Organization and please write Brooke Healey in the memo). If you would like to donate by credit card, you will be able to donate through ourCrowdrise page. Also on Saturday, we will be raffling off two bags full of L’Oreal products (donated by the lovely Maria Romagnano), as well as a $250 gift certificate towards a family portrait session and prints (donated by Carolyn Ann Ryan Photography). Raffle tickets will be sold for $5 each.

If you have additional questions, please e-mail Erin at [email protected]. Thanks and see you Saturday morning!

Tim Carroll & Erin Carroll

DONATE & REGISTER HERE: http://www.crowdrise.com/WODforBrookeHealey-Heartworks/fundraiser/erincarroll2

Four-year old Brooke Healey, daughter of Steve and Stefani, of New Providence, NJ was diagnosed in January with DIPG – Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. It’s an inoperable tumor located in the Pons sack located at the top of the brain stem. The Pons is responsible for all vital functions and any attempt to operate and remove the tumor has been 100% fatal. It’s very aggressive and quickly affects a child’s motor skills.

The Healey family will be forced to seek alternative approaches to fight this battle on behalf of Brooke and will incur lofty medical expenses along the way. Since there is no clinically tested method of treating this tumor, other than the short term effects of radiation, insurance will not cover most of the costs of any treatments beyond radiation therapy.

To learn more about Brooke: www.BrookeHealey.com

THE WOD: (Saturday, April 27: 9AM – 12PM @ CrossFit 908)
CrossFit 908 is your local group fitness center founded on community, hard-work, and accountability. CrossFit 908 works with all age groups and understands that fitness, at any age, is an integral part of leading a healthy and rewarding life. We are committed to our local community, and we are constantly seeking different avenues of contribution. Our mission is clear; to help our community and we cannot think of a better place to start than the life of a four-year old girl named Brooke Healey.

***$50 minimum donation and 50 burpees to be performed at CrossFit 908 sometime between the hours of 9AM and 12PM on Saturday, April 27. We not only want to help the Healey family, but we also want to send them great energy through our hard work and sweat. Bring the whole family! With great efforts come great results!***

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E-mail [email protected] for any questions regarding this event.