CrossFit 908 Food Fest – Sunday 03/03/13 @ 5pm

908 Cookbook / Food Fest – We need your participation for this to happen.  Please post to the comments section if you will plan to attend and/or submit a recipe.  Join the Facebook group as well.  Thank you!

908ers!!!  It’s time to submit all those wonderful recipes you’ve been making if you would like to have them included in our Crossfit 908 Cookbook whether or not you participated in the latest Nutrition Challenge.  Please submit your recipe (or recipes..yes, you can submit more than one!) electronically by February 28th and then make your dish(es) for the Food Fest on March 3rd.

The focus of our food fest is on healthy paleo/primal foods that can be used as entrees, sides, breakfasts, lunches, and/or healthy snacks. (The submissions should be primal or paleo but do not have to adhere strictly to the guidelines of 908’s latest Nutrition Challenge.)

Here are The Guidelines, The Recipe Template, and a Recipe Example.  Please fill out the template and then send the recipe to [email protected].

All entrants should indicate if they will be participating in the food fest.  If someone is unable to attend the food fest, the recipe can still be submitted for consideration of inclusion to the cookbook.

Only five desserts/sweets will be included in the cookbook.  Selection will be based on a combination of early submission and variety.

If you have questions, feel free to ask either Ali Racine or Karen Kelly at the gym or email [email protected].

The food fest is open to all 908 members whether you are a recipe submitter or a taster!!  Please bring a beverage of your choice to the Food Fest.  A sign-up sheet will be forthcoming.

5 thoughts on “CrossFit 908 Food Fest – Sunday 03/03/13 @ 5pm”

    1. Yes, Jim, if you have a good recipe for the cookbook, please submit it, especially if it’s one you like or are proud of.

  1. I’ll submit something (or maybe a couple). Maybe those pork meat balls I’ve made for an event in the past, or maybe a lamb version.

    If you want my nut recipe, I can do that too (or instead). Just let me know!

    (Of course the problem is, I weigh and measure NOTHING… it makes writing down a recipe kind of tricky!)