CrossFit 908 Nutrition Challenge – Feb 2013

CrossFit 908 Nutrition Challenge –

February 1 – February 28

  • What kind of a nutrition challenge is this? – This challenge will be based off of Paleo and Primal nutrition principles.  It is a whole foods diet that avoids grains, dairy, legumes, and all added sugars.  Mark Sisson, from Mark’s Daily Apple, has a fantastic introduction into this style of eating which can be found HERE. This a challenge, not a diet.  We are not asking you to try to avoid eating certain things for a temporary period of time.  We are attempting to educate you on the nutrition principles we believe and see if you experience the positive benefits that we have seen from eating this way.  You can eat all kinds of meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, great fats like avocado and coconut oil, and some starches.  We will provide you with an approved foods list so you will be well equipped at the grocery store.  Your success in this challenge will be determined by your ability to plan your meals.  Always have snacks on hand, and make sure to cook a lot at one time so you have leftovers.  We will be available via email if you have any questions or simply need some encouragement.  There will be a Nutrition Challenge info session on 01/27 @ CF 908 at 1pm. Paleo samples of Ronald’s cooking will be available as well.
  • Scoring – You will be provided with an Excel spreadsheet where you will fill in points on a daily basis.
    • Compliance – There will be a scoring system based on Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, and Exercise.  You will be required to post your points daily on a Facebook page specifically created for you, the challengers.  Compliance will be the biggest factor in determining the winner.  You will receive points for the following:
      • +2 Points – An entire day of clean eating.  Anything other than 100% clean is a 0 in this category
      • +1 Point – 7+ Hours of sleep
      • +1 Point – ½ your body weight in ounces of water each day.  i.e. a 200lb male would drink 100oz of water each day.
      • +1 Point – Exercise of any kind.  It does not have to be at CF908.  It can be as easy as going for a hike.
    • Weigh In – We always see some amazing weight loss results during this challenge, even if that isn’t your goal.  We will be making sure everyone weighs in before and after, just to keep track.
    • Coach Discretion – We reserve the right to choose a winner if we see that someone has made a spectacular transformation.
  • informational Resources
  • Food Blogs

Some info on Foods


  • meat (preferably grassfed)
  • poultry (preferably free range)
  • fresh fish & seafood (preferably wild)
  • eggs (preferably free range)
  • more vegetables than fresh fruit – Organic is encouraged
  • nuts & seeds (preferably raw and unsalted.
  • minimally processed oils & animal fats (e.g., olive, avocado, walnut, coconut, lard, beef tallow—be aware that some of these are not meant for high-heat cooking but should be used raw)


  • Wine & Spirits – No more than 3 drinks per week. This can be spread out, or all in one shot.
  • Dried fruits – High concentration of suger
  • Nuts mixed with dried & fresh fruits
  • Starchy vegetables (e.g., starchy tubers, potatoes, sweet potatoes) – Post workout is a perfect time for these foods.

FOODS TO AVOID: Eating these foods will result in a score of 0 for “Food” for that day.

  • Dairy (e.g., milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, whey protein powder) – You can use Ghee. For coffee, use unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk.
  • Commercial salad dressings, condiments, soft drinks & fruit juices,
  • Sweets (i.e., candy, honey, sugars [sucrose, molasses, high fructose corn syrup, fructose, agave nectar]), diet sodas, refined vegetable oils (especially corn, soy, & canola), foods containing artificial sweeteners, chemical food additives.
  • Cereal Grains
    • Barley (barley soup, barley bread, and all processed foods made with barley)
    • Corn (corn on the cob, corn tortillas, corn chips, corn starch, corn syrup)
    • Millet
    • Oats (steel-cut oats, rolled oats, and all processed foods made with oats)
    • Rice (brown rice, white rice, rice noodles, rice cakes, Rice flour (all processed foods made with rice)
    • Rye (rye bread, rye crackers, and all processed foods made with rye)
    • Wheat (bread, rolls, muffins, noodles, crackers, cookies, cake, doughnuts, pancakes, waffles, pasta, spaghetti, lasagna, wheat tortillas, pizza, pita bread, flat bread, and all processed foods made with wheat or wheat flour)
    • Wild rice
    • Cereal Grain like Seeds such as amaranth, buckwheat, and quinoa
  • Legumes
    • All beans (black beans, broad beans, fava beans, field beans, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, lima beans, navy beans, pinto beans, red beans, string beans, white beans)
    • Black-eyed peas, Chickpeas
    • Lentils
    • Peas, Snow peas, Sugar snap peas
    • Miso
    • Peanut butter, Peanuts
    • Soybeans and all soybean products, including tofu