Rope Climb Seminar

Do you want to act like a child and have a ton of fun? Climbing a rope, as daunting as it may seem, is some of the most fun you will ever have in the gym. While it takes strength and technique, we are confident everybody can climb a rope, regardless of your current fitness level!

We will be hosting two identical 90 minute rope climb seminars at each of our locations:
– Thursday, November 18 @ 7:30pm at Westfield
– Saturday, November 20 @ 10:30am at Berkeley Heights

We will be starting with the basics of proper foot holds and climbing technique. We will progress into how to properly reset as you climb the rope and how to safely and effectively descend the rope. Lastly, for those who are more advanced, we will show technique on legless rope climbs as well as fast descents from the rope.

Participants will leave the seminar with the knowledge of what skills they need to work on to be stronger and more efficient on the rope. In addition, each participant will leave with a 4-week rope climb template with accessory work to incorporate 3x per week.

Each seminar will be lead by three 908 Athletics coaches. The seminars are capped at 20 people, and you will need to preregister to reserve your spot.

If you plan to attend, please ensure you have sneakers with a durable sole and a neoprene calf/shin sleeve to protect against rope burn.

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