Could you use a little help with nutrition?

Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, we have a nutrition coach and program just for you!

I'm ready to make a change!

Nutrition coaching is for everyone!

Your coach will guide, support, educate, and help change your lifestyle.  Our approach is habit based rather than a specific “diet” plan. We also offer a hands off approach for those with experience.

1-on-1 Individual Coaching

With options ranging from daily to monthly check ins, our coaches keep you accountable and can help you build healthy nutritional habits.

This option is for someone new to nutrition coaching and needs consistent support to stay on track.

Goal Setting & Macros

Monthly one hour phone calls with your coach to review progress, remove roadblocks, and set you up so that you never fall off.

Ideally for someone with macro tracking experience who is looking for accountability.


Three months of meal plans so that you can hit the ground running toward your new healthy habits.

This option is for someone who is self-motivated and has experience tracking.

What clients get with all of our programs

Initial phone consultation

Nutrition Education

Lifestyle Change

  • Initial consultation and body comp analysis with a coach
  • Customized Nutrition Plan
  • Suggested grocery list and recipes
  • Weekly newsletter and online support
  • Final measurements and check-in to continue efforts


I have now been working with Christina since May 2020. I can’t say enough great things about the experience I’ve had working with her. I’ve learned so much about my body and how what I’m eating really does affect how I feel overall. She has and continues to coach me through my not so great relationship with food. The weekly podcasts and newsletters she provides are awesome tools to dealing with week to week struggles. Whether it’s going to special events or holiday struggles, she always provides excellent guidance and tips and tricks. I have been able to lose a few pounds and lose 4 inches around my waist and feel much better overall about my body. I feel less bloated and way less out of control with my eating habits. I highly recommend working with Christina!


I absolutely recommend Christina as a Nutrition Coach! Working with her has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to improve my life. Through her guidance, advice and support I’ve been able to change my habits towards healthy nutrition and healthy living without depriving myself or feeling that I’m on a diet. I am one happy person!


Hi, I just want to share a huge win I had today. My husband cooked a delicious steak, and instead of eating the whole thing, I cut my portion in half and only ate 4 oz. I never do that! I also was able to enjoy a small portion of some Chanukah pastries without it triggering a binge. I’m definitely feeling successful with macros. I’ve always been resistant to calorie counting, but since I’m focusing more on macronutrients and not just calories it feels different and I’m able to do it.


This was my third nutrition challenge at 908 and by far the best in terms of coaching and support. Each participant was assigned a coach who would check-in with you weekly, or more frequently if necessary. Karen was my coach. She was a solid resource to me throughout the six weeks, but particularly in the first week when my head was reeling from trying to calculate my macros, complete the other six daily habits, while getting through the holiday season. I think I emailed her daily that first week and each time, she responded quickly and supportively. Once I settled into a routine, I found I enjoyed it and felt much better about the food choices I was making. My energy levels were much higher due to better nutrition and I rarely, if ever, felt hungry at the end of the day. There is so much flexibility in what you can eat. No one expected perfection and, in fact, stressed consistency over perfection. She had to tell me a few times, “It’s ok to eat the holiday cookies, Kate.” Unlike the first two challenges I participated in, the six weeks flew by and I was sad to see it end, so when they offered participants the opportunity to continue one-on-one, I jumped at it. This is much more about living a healthy lifestyle than dieting. Karen and Christina provided fun, interesting newsletters each week, a YouTube video reviewing protein bars, and their own recipes. Both were real, honest, and down to earth. I highly recommend.