Dani Verhoest


Back in 2011, I wasn’t in the healthiest of places. I was overweight and smoked. I chose to make a change to get into a better place. I quit smoking, changed my diet and started working out. After a few months I could feel that what I was doing was becoming stale. My mother had started doing CrossFit and challenged me to give it a shot. From day one it made me rethink both exercise and diet. It saved my life.

I have been doing CrossFit since 2011, and it has made life in and out of the gym overall better. Not just from a health standpoint but from a mental standpoint as well. Confidence is something that takes great effort to develop. CrossFit has shown me that muscles are pretty and strength is attractive. Over the past several years of doing this methodology, it has helped reshape the person I see in the mirror. This is what has made me want to help others see their true potential and drove me to get my L1, L2, and my USAW coaching certification. I have coached at several affiliates prior to ending at 908. The passion I have for helping others is what makes me want to develop being a better coach everyday.


– Certified CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)
– USAW Coaching Certification (CF-L1)