Erin Carroll


Throughout high school, my sport was running – cross country, winter, and spring track. I had a love-hate relationship with competing, so I decided not to continue with track in college but continued to run to stay in shape. A few years after college, I was sidelined with an ankle injury that wouldn’t allow me to run much further than five miles at a time. After getting ankle surgery and still experiencing the same issues, I figured I would give CrossFit a try.

My then boyfriend, now husband Tim had been taking classes at a local CrossFit gym, and he was completely hooked. I, on the other hand, was tentative – I had many of the initial thoughts that women have when it comes to CrossFit. I already had an athletic build… was I going to get big and bulky if I lifted weights? However, after we got engaged and Tim opened CrossFit 908, I knew there was no denying that I was going to be doing CrossFit for the rest of my life. All those silly thoughts I had about CrossFit and lifting weights went out the window. Instead of just focusing on how my body looked, I was empowered by what my body could do and how strong I felt. Fast forward to today, and I am an avid CrossFitter who has received my level 1 certification and competed on a team at Regionals with CrossFit 908 in 2014. To say that I fell in love would be an understatement.

Two and a half years after CrossFit 908 opened, my role transitioned from supportive wife to working in the business full time. I continue to be inspired by members who transform not only their bodies but their mindsets through fitness and nutrition. What I originally thought would be just a gym is now an amazing and supportive community that I am proud to call my family.

– Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)