Karen Kelly

Yoga Instructor

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 20 years. I have always appreciated the strength, the balance, the focus, and the flexibility I have gained through my practice. It has also helped to bring me peace and relaxation as it eased the stress that life drops on the doorstep. Knowing I liked physical activity, Tim and Erin encouraged me to give CrossFit a try, and I began with Fundamentals in early 2010. I had read that yoga is the yin to the CrossFit yang, and as the year passed, I could see the benefits that yoga would bring to CrossFitters. Yoga classes could offer more opportunities for stretching and mobility; CrossFit athletes could better learn to center, move with breath, and become more “body-aware.” I discussed this with Tim and his answer was, “So, go get certified.”

June 2012 saw the last day of my career as a full time special educator. I took to heart what Tim said and began my journey to become a registered yoga teacher. My goal was to embody the marriage of yogic philosophy and movement to the intensity and athleticism of CrossFit.  I currently hold a 200 hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification from Yoga Alliance and continue to take additional trainings to improve my yoga knowledge and expertise. Teaching yoga at CrossFit 908 allows me to share my love of yoga while bringing its benefits to the members. I try to design my classes to compliment the weekly CrossFit workouts and to further their connectivity. I thank Tim and Erin for their encouragement and for giving me the opportunity to teach yoga at the 908.