As a runner and cyclist who had never used a barbell in my life or belonged to a gym, I had no idea what to expect when I joined CrossFit 908. What I found was an incredibly welcoming community of real people—coaches and members—that was all about making each of us better every day. 908 is my version of “Cheers”: the place where everyone knows your name, and really gives a damn.

Rob M

CrossFit 908 has not only helped me become stronger physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. With first class coaching and an amazing community for support, CrossFit 908 is the premier facility to change your life.

John R

I’ve never been a “workout” person or particularly interested in exercise. But as I’ve aged, I have become more interested in staying healthy. Several of my good friends, as well as my husband are CF908 members and so out of sheer self-preservation (of not having to listen to CF talk!), I tried the fundamentals class to see what the hype was about.

Jake, my “fundies” coach, was sensational. I’ve never lifted a barbell in my life, but he was patient, positive, and exceedingly good at explaining unfamiliar moves to this novice and I left fundamentals feeling comfortable with the equipment.

It’s been about 2 months since I started attending regular classes and even in that short time, I am noticing results—both physically and mentally. I’m stronger for sure, but at the beginning of each class, I think “I’m not sure I can do this” and at the end of each class, I think “hell yeah, I DID THAT!!” Great feeling. The community that I’ve met so far are so friendly and supportive, it’s hard to not feel welcome. I attribute all of this CF908 owners, Tim and Erin Carroll, who genuinely care about their members and want them to excel.

Lisa B

I have been going to Crossfit 908 regularly for almost 4 years, and I love it. I have all kinds of issues: two knee surgeries on the right knee, lower back surgery, herniated disc in my neck, partially torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder (from golf) and arthritis (ankylosing spondylitis) in the middle of my back and in my hands. Thru Crossfit, but most importantly with the guidance of the great CF908 coaches (Tim, Allen, Jake & Kevin), I have been able to build strength to the point where none of these problems impact my quality of life any longer. I am almost 50 years old, I’m skiing harder than ever, and feel stronger than I have in many years. Those who say that people get injured doing Crossfit should know that some of us who are permanently injured can prevent further injuries, and even minimize the impact of our injuries, if you do the exercises correctly. CF908 has an amazing team of coaches who place a huge emphasis on proper form and work hard to keep us safe. I travel a lot for work, and I always drop into gyms wherever I go, and while I have dropped into a few good ones, none of them measure up to Crossfit 908.

Jose M

“In many ways, I don’t “do crossfit”…I “go to 908.” A fellow 5AMer and I always talk about how special this place is and how it’s “our temple.” As I’ve told Tim before, he and his wife Erin operate one of the best run boxes in the country. The only thing better than the quality and demeanor of 908’s coaches is the community. It’s just an incredibly supportive group. I just feel extremely lucky that I get to workout in such a great gym with even better people.”

Joe S

Both of my parents have struggled with being out of shape and overweight for my entire life. After high school, I knew I had to do something to start building better habits for myself. I had never actually been to a gym before though, so I was very intimidated at the thought of having to work out alone and not knowing what to do. I had heard of CrossFit before but didn’t really know anyone that went to a box. I figured it would be a good way to learn how to work out and be healthy, and give me some motivation by surrounding myself with other athletes. I found 908 by chance online, and I decided to give Fundamentals a try, to see if I liked it.

I started at 908 in 2012 and met Tim, Erin, Jake, Allen, Christina, and many others in the 908 family during that summer before I left NJ and returned to college. During those 3 months, I struggled to finish WODs, could barely hold onto a barbell, and battled a lot of discomfort and fatigue. I wasn’t able to jump rope or do toes to bar, no matter how much I tried. But I stuck with it, largely because Tim and team never made me feel bad — they encouraged me every class, modified movements, and congratulated me on even the smallest improvement. The coaches made CrossFit work for me, and they always set me up to succeed. Not by making the workout easier, but making it challenging for my specific ability level and pushing me to achieve better than I thought I was capable of.

Three years passed by from that summer, and when I graduated from college and moved back home, I knew I needed to get back to 908. I craved the atmosphere, the challenge, the community, and the self-confidence I had developed. I was about to enter the “adult life” and wanted to add something to my routine besides sitting in a desk chair for 10 hours and then watching Netflix on my couch. To my surprise, Tim and the coaches had remembered exactly who I was and were so welcoming when I returned. I had to re-learn many of the movements and be patient with myself, but in a matter of weeks I was back in the groove and proving to be stronger, faster, and better than I thought was possible. On top of the usual WODs, I volunteered at CrossFit competitions at the gym to learn more about the sport, attended 908 Nights Out to meet people, and even attended a nutrition seminar to see how I could improve my diet (still working on that part!).

I am never the fastest person in a class, I never lift the most weight, and I scale almost every workout. But I always feel challenged, I always feel supported by the coaches, and I (almost) always have fun. I can’t always make it to the gym as often as I would like, but the thing with 908 is that you get as much out of it as you are willing to put in, and the things you learn about yourself and your abilities stay with you.

Veronica G

Best Shape of My Life, I am 66 years old and have been a member of Crossfit 908 for the past five years. Doing crossfit has kept my weight down, toned my muscles, and kept my Type II Diabetes under control. The trainers are top notch. They are cognizant of what limitations I, or other members, might have and always suggest appropriate modifications. As we age issues arise. I had a knee replacement and shoulder surgery within the last year. Fortunately, and validated by my doctors and physical therapists, I had a quick and complete recovery due in part to my good physical conditioning. This was a direct result of my training at Crossfit 908.

The culture at 908 is welcoming and inclusive and makes you feel like, despite your age, you are a part of a supportive family. This atmosphere is generated from top down. Tim and Erin Carroll have created an environment in which individuals can thrive and reach goals they never thought were possible. I would highly recommend this BOX to anyone of any age.

Bob R