I came to crossfit as a non athlete. Not a non-crossfitter- a NON ATHLETE. I didn’t play sports or workout in high school or college- afterwards I had dabbled in yoga and in jogging a bit, but always had a love hate relationship (really mostly hate) with working out, and never really improved much at anything. I have been doing crossfit at Crossfit 908 for a little over a year, now, and there has not been one day where I have had anything except a love relationship with it.  It is definitely VERY difficult, and often intimidating, especially at first.  But Tim and the rest of the trainers are friendly, encouraging, very knowledgeable and super helpful in finding ways to get you through the work out, no matter what, and to always help you push a litter harder than you thought you could.

When I showed up on my first day and saw a girl my size (I’m fairly small) squatting something that looked heavier than my car, and a couple of Men’s Health magazine covers helping spot her- I almost turned around and walked out. But Tim, the owner, immediately showed up at the door with a big smile and welcomed me in. I still felt nervous but instantly comforted.  During my first real workout, I have to admit I was almost in tears after the first 7 wall balls or so. I thought “there is no way I can physically or mentally finish this workout!”  But I did. And there is no better feeling than finishing something you thought was literally impossible for you. Within 3 weeks or so, I stopped looking at workouts and thinking “I can’t finish that” and started thinking “ok, how can I finish that?”

The trainers helped show me that even if my push ups were actually planks from my knees with a two inch dip at the elbows, if it was hard for me, it was enough.  And that has been the theme ever since. Crossfit is the first workout I have tried where “modify” is not just a fancy word for “sit out” and where “varied” does not just mean running 5 minute intervals instead of distance. I find it ironic that for a literal non-athlete like I was, it took trying the workout that was famous for being the most intense and most difficult, to find something that I could actually participate in and succeed at. And that’s because Crossfit, especially at Crossfit 908, is all about tailoring it to each person and finding your individual challenges. Every person in the room is lifting a different weight, running a different speed, and doing different height box jumps- but we are all nervous and excited before the workout, encouraging each other during, and panting on the floor after. We are all working our hardest, and enjoying it! And therein lies the awesome community element of crossfit.

It has never been, and will never be my goal to run the fastest, or lift the heaviest; but just to constantly improve, constantly be challenged, and work as hard as I can (or a little harder). Crossfit 908 has taken me to a new level of fitness that never plateaus, and is always challenging yet always rewarding. It has also given me a great place to go several times a week where I see friends and friendly faces. I still am not sure I consider myself an “athlete” but I am in the best shape of my life, my body feels and looks very different and much better than it did a year ago, I have significantly less shoulder and lower back pain than I did prior(I had been in and out of physical therapy for my back since I was a teenager) and I can honestly say that working out at crossfit is my HOBBY! I can’t wait to see how much farther I can go with it.

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