Everyone has a reason to join, or vehemently avoid, a gym. I was the latter. I found the gyms I had visited with my partner, like WoW and LAFitness to be very isolationistic, judgmental, and sterile (and not necessarily in the good way). I would get severe anxiety attacks going in, attempting to work out, always thinking everyone was looking at me. Whether or not that was the reality, the resultant anxiety was quite real. I had serious issues with the whole gym environment.

In January I was diagnosed with having fatty liver disease, which could, left untreated, develop into some pretty fantastically not good things. My good friend and Crossfitter, Victoria Prince, with a PhD studying the very disease I was diagnosed with, persuaded me to join her at a Crossfit908 free session, to see what it was all about. I had also met Tim, the owner, and he was (is) fantastically handsome, with a charming smile, and how could I say no to that?

That first class, I was having a panic attack. It was awful. But Victoria was there, and I could not disappoint. I had expected it to be another gym, and I was gravely mistaken. It is a marvelously open space. Except at that moment, that was not my thought process.

After going through the workout with Tim, I surprised myself with my ability to actually get through the workout, and enjoy it. The wonderful thing about it, was that it challenged my ability, but was not impossible. The fact that I could get through a workout, and as Tim says, “thrive not survive”, I was hooked.

I joined Crossfit 908 in late January of 2012. My weight hovered somewhere around 220. I had fatty liver disease and was borderline “clinically” obese (5’10”, 220… BMI, etc). Having been at Crossfit908 now for six months, I’ve lost and maintained loss of 20lbs. I have not been back to the doctor to check up on my liver, but when I do, I’ll let you know.

However, something better than correcting my weight/biomechanics happened… the whole team of Crossfit908 helped me overcome some serious PTSD issues (hence all the anxiety and panic attacks). And they didn’t even know it.

Tim and Erin are two of the most wonderful people I have ever met. They even laugh at my jokes. Pat, Jake, and Allen, the three trainers I’ve worked with most, have always been encouraging. I’ve only had a chance to work with Ron a handful of occasions, but he’s always been supportive and instructive. They create this environment, that it isn’t a gym. It is a family… that’s wonderfully insane and works out. They engender and inspire support, genuine support for every individual there. It is a group training session, with extreme personal results. All the members share those same qualities… support, motivation, persistence, badassness. It has been so much more than just a workout.

My friends have noticed not only that I’ve lost weight and have gained definition, but I carry myself a little taller, and present myself a bit stronger. I constantly encourage and promote Crossfit908 to others… I mean, if I went in loathing gyms, and now I’m in love? You have try to try to know.
Thank you in ways I don’t know that you’ll ever fully understand, Tim, Erin, Pat, Jake, Allen, & Ron.

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