“Since you joined that gym you’re not such a jerk, you should have joined sooner!” were the words of inspiration from my wife after my first month at Crossfit 908. I’m hopeful she was half joking about the jerk part but to be honest I started to realize I was fat (no other way to say it) and out of shape and continuing to do what I’ve always done wasn’t working and I didn’t know how to fix it. I had read a few articles about crossfit and thought I’d check it out, after my first class and I was gasping for air I knew this was something I had to try.

After that first month of classes I would stay after class and work on what we just learned. Tim started to speak to me about what my goals were how I eat and pretty soon I started to change up what and how I eat and next thing I know I’m 40 pounds lighter and in the words of John Candy in Stripes a “lean mean fighting machine!” Something more amazing than getting to my high school weight and waistline happened to me at Crossfit 908; I became part of a community. This group of kids (most of them are to me since as I write this I’m 47) are an amazing group of disparate personalities but when you share a workout together a bond forms in the trial by sweat and exhaustion that brings you close, even my 21 year old daughter who started at 908 a year ago actually speaks to me on occasion which is pretty cool. I’m proud to call a number of people at 908 my friends and the gym trips to watch Tim compete or to Atlantic city or even just breakfast after the Saturday morning class have become memorable events.

To be honest there are a number of Crossfit gyms to choose from they all may have the equipment needed to perform the exercises but at 908, you will have great coaching that will help you learn correctly and safely and a community that if you embrace it will help you reach your goals and have some fun doing it.

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