After fracturing my pelvis and severing my gluteal muscles in a bad snowboard crash, my orthopedist recommended 8 weeks of rest to allow adequate bone and muscle healing after which I should attend physical therapy to strengthen my core and hip/pelvis musculature. Being a physician myself, I spoke frankly with him, and he said that I can do exercises on my own and “scale” them to my ability instead of going to PT as long as they worked the correct supporting muscles. So that’s what I did.

I did not know much about Crossfit prior to joining, and I was intimidated by some of the exercises I saw online at However my friend, who had been doing Crossfit for years, told me that Crossfit instructors are strict about good form so that learning the exercises are safe. I had seen this friend transform from a soft chubby guy to a lean strong guy who was now kicking my butt snowboarding. So I looked up Crossfit gyms near me and ran across Crossfit 908. I emailed Tim (owner and head coach of Crossfit908), and he was immediately responsive to my inquiry. He addressed my concerns about my rehabilitation from my injury and said that he would tailor the workouts to my injury. He was also extremely flexible in accommodating my erratic schedule for the fundamentals class, so I signed up for the first month’s fundamentals class and began my journey.

I found out that Crossfit is basically a combination of gymnastics, strength training and cardio all intertwined into a 30-40 min workout that can be easily summarized as interval training without rests or medieval torture! Being 31 years old, married with a child, and being a full time emergency room physician, my time is limited, so Crossfit works well for me. The actual workouts (classes) last only 45 minutes (15 minutes of it being the warm-up and the cool down) so it fits into my erratic schedule quite well.

After the first class, I felt more exhaustion than I have felt in a very long time, and then after about a half hour that went away, and I felt amazing and was immediately addicted to that feeling. Working out at Crossfit 908 is like going to practice when I used to play sports in high school, filled with camaraderie, friendly competition, and a coach who wants to extract every ounce of performance from you. Going to the gym now has a different meaning; it no longer means going from one machine to another in the directionless expanse of my local gym. It now means that I will be hanging out with friends and pushing myself to new levels of fitness. The workouts are always interesting and functional, whether we are climbing ropes, doing burpees, using gymnastic rings or working on handstand pushups. There are no fitness snobs at Crossfit 908; every member helps support each other complete the workouts. It is this sense of camaraderie that is incredibly motivating and helps to push you beyond what you thought you could do.

I began mountain biking and rock climbing again after a few weeks at Crossfit908, and I saw immediate improvement in conditioning and strength. I could now pound up hill climbs on my mountain bike where I used to spin in granny gear, and the rock climbing routes with which I have struggled in the past now seem easy.

My results after 3 months of 3 sessions per week at Crossfit 908:

Weight            Max Pull Ups         Max Push Ups            5k Run

Before            220 lbs                   3                            18                      30 min

After               198 lbs                  17                           48                      26 min

In summary, Tim and Crossfit 908 have helped me to get my fitness back on the right track even after a serious injury, and it has introduced me to a sustainable and satisfying way to stay fit. Since beginning Crossfit, I have lost fat and gained a tremendous amount of strength and lean muscle which has translated to improvements in my energy levels, mountain biking/rock climbing/future snowboarding, and my general well being. If you are ready to challenge yourself and bring your fitness to the next level while meeting a lot of nice people in the process, Crossfit 908 is a great choice. I look forward to meeting and working out with you.

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