Karen K

As one of the older (50+) members of Crossfit 908, I am aware of the challenges presented by my age. However, I would like to add that getting and staying strong do pay off! I have always tried to keep fit, but my months at CF 908 have been bringing me to a new level. I am building strength and challenging myself to newer heights of fitness. There are times when I feel like I can’t possibly complete one of Tim’s workouts, but with his clear explanations and constant encouragement, I do. I push myself in part because Tim pushes me. I trust his judgment, and I believe that he won’t give me more than I can handle. Although I have a few minor physical problems, he knows how to adjust and modify when needed.

The effects of working out at Crossfit 908? I feel better and more fit, I sleep better, and I am getting in better shape. (Even my chiropractor thinks the strength I have gained has been beneficial!) The articles Tim posts on his site are always insightful, and through reading them, I have made healthy changes to my lifestyle and diet. The time I spend at “Tim’s Gym” is also filled with a feeling of teamwork and support through interactions with the other members. Everyone is encouraging and friendly which promotes a feeling of community there.

So, if you are a mom or you know of a mom (or dad) or anyone who could benefit from a solid workout, great conditioning, and a feeling of accomplishing a new level of fitness, my advice is to try Crossfit 908!

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