I have to say that before I started going to CrossFit 908, I was a skeptic about this type of exercise. Why shouldn’t I have been when nothing in the past has ever worked for me before? I thought, “What makes CrossFit 908 so special”?! Having completed my first 8 week Paleo challenge, losing just about 25 lbs., along with the progress I have noticed physically since completing the beginner WODs, I can honestly say that this works. The CrossFit 908 regimen, “WODDING” and eating “Paleo” (two foreign now familiar words to me) is like nothing I have EVER experienced before, its working!

I am not your “typical” in the gym every day-nutrition conscious person. I am 27 years old and morbidly obese. I have arthritis and an auto-immune disease which makes it very difficult for me to find the motivation to workout. Starting CrossFit at 292.6 pounds two months ago has been a LIFE CHANGING event. I have lost and gained my entire life. I have tried every type of exercise and diet plan and before I joined CrossFit 908’s Paleo challenge, I honestly started to give up.

So many people in this world have said “I have tried everything”. I too have said that on MANY
occasions. I have yo-yo dieted and exercised on and off for over five years. I have tried many methods to lose weight, spending over $40K to do so and it didn’t get me anywhere. I tried Weight Watchers, metabolic specialists, personal trainers, and on the more extreme end of things, Lap-Band surgery which reversed in 2007 because it caused stomach ulcers. I thought I had tried everything when I came to CrossFit 908 but, I WAS ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

So where does CrossFit come into play? Yea… that was my sister Heather’s idea. She is an avid CrossFit 908 member. She has been trying to get me to come to CrossFit 908 for months and, OF COURSE I said NO. All I knew of CrossFit was seeing my sister doing these crazy workouts with pull-up bars, rings, ropes, boxes, and heavy weights…I thought that in my condition, there would be no way I could complete such activities. When she told me about the Paleo challenge that CrossFit 908 was hosting for outside members to be a part of, for some reason I said yes. Maybe it was because I am getting married in a few months and was afraid of walking down the aisle that way I am now or, maybe it was because deep down inside I said to myself “why not? You’ve tried everything else, what’s one more try?”.

Saying Yes to this challenge and to the idea of incorporating the CrossFit WOD’s and a Paleo diet into my life was the BEST thing I have done for myself in YEARS!!! I was 292 pounds when I started. I was afraid, nervous, and worried that all of these “fit” people would judge me. The coaches and members at CrossFit 908 made me feel so welcome and, that’s not because my sister is a member there, it is because at CrossFit 908 the coaches and members cultivate an environment of acceptance, determination, motivation and support.

It is incredible to think about how far I’ve come when thinking back to my first day at CrossFit 908, I stood outside for 20 minutes afraid to go in. Now, In just two months, I have lost 25 pounds which is more that I have ever been able to lose in over 5 years of exercise and dieting. I can already feel difference in myself. My joints don’t hurt as much and my body is less swollen because I have lost weight and the inflammation has decreased from diet and exercise. For once in my life I am SO excited to see where CrossFit is going to take me. For once in my life I am up for the challenge. I have to say I am no longer a skeptic! I wish I had found CrossFit earlier. More importantly, I wish that I was open to joining such a place because it has truly changed my life forever!

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