I just received the following text from my brother: “Sled pushing=amazing.” This sounds like an ordinary text message if coming from any one of my Crossfit friends. But coming from my brother, this means so much more.

My brother, Mike, joined Crossfit about 2 months ago. I signed him up for the fundamentals class semi against his will. We had made a deal, and if I carried through on my end, he agreed to give Crossfit a chance. He tried to get out of it with the typical excuses (money, not being in good enough shape, etc) but I knew if I could get him to TRY it, even if it was just ONE class, he would love it as much as I do.

With a little bit of a push from his big sister, Mike went to his first class and I anxiously waited by the phone to hear from him afterwards.

Stepping back about 6 months ago, Mike was overweight, negligent with his diet, and not interested in the gym or even walking when he played a round of golf. I NEVER thought he would be into exercise, let alone Crossfit. Since January, he has lost over 60lbs and gained a whole new perspective on life. He is the happiest I have ever seen him. I couldn’t be more proud of his dedication to taking charge of his life and his willingness to try new things, like Crossfit, even if these things may be uncomfortable or challenging. I don’t want to discount any of Mike’s hard work prior to Crossfit; he put in an incredible amount of effort to lose weight before starting by watching what he ate and joining a gym. But I do believe that Crossfit has and will continue to accelerate his journey to a healthier life. He has only begun to discover his own potential through Crossfit and the ever welcoming 908 community.
Mike called me after his first class, and his second, and his third….He loves it, he loves his trainers, he loves the people. And I love that my brother now shares in my passion for fitness. When I get Crossfit text messages from Mike, even the ones that say “Holy shit balls, I want to die! Curl up in a ball, in an ice bath, and put my head under the water and drown myself,” I smile.*

We haven’t done a WOD together yet, but I can’t wait for that day! We do a lot together, but Crossfit was never something I thought we would share.

Thank you Crossfit908.

*Text message recieved right before the the “Sled pushing=amazing” text.

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