I came to Crossfit 908 in January of 2010. Prior to that, I had been “Ms. Cardio”. I ran marathons, did triathlons, and any other type of aerobic activity. My upbringing included a great deal of Jane Fonda videos with two pound weights, so I was focused on cardio and not strength. In a random conversation with an old college friend, she discussed this gym she owned in Atlanta and asked me to look at pictures of how she had changed. I immediately started looking for one near Chatham. At the time, there weren’t any in my area….and randomly, one afternoon in late 2009, I found Tim Carroll’s gym. My first workout was a 7 minute AMRAP. I remember thinking, “Seriously? I run for hours at a time, and he’s asking for 7 minutes? Piece of cake” At the 3 minute time mark, I was waiting for the next four minutes to be over. I was panting like I had never panted before. Each week, I’m sore in some part of my body, some weeks, every part of my body. I’ve never been one for great muscle tone but, I have more than I’ve ever had before. I also can do things I never imagined I could. While you won’t see me being the first one finished or the one lifting 300 pounds over my head, you’ll see me competing against myself. I tell everyone I know about Crossfit 908 and how great the trainers are. I feel like the gym is a place where I can go, be the slower one and still feel successful when I walk out that door. I never leave that gym saying, “Well, that was easy.”

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