05/28/12 – Thank You All!!!!!!!

This past weekend was an unbelievable experience.  Prior to the competition I felt like I was doing all of the right things and training as hard and as intelligently as I could.  After being subjected to some of the most grueling workouts I have ever done, I realize now that there is still so much work to be done, and I am thankful for that.  Competing is a nerve racking experience, but more than anything it is humbling and rewarding, and it makes me want to better myself as a coach and as an athlete.

There are so many people to thank for this past weekend.  Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes via email, text messages, Facebook and on the 908 site.  Getting a constant flow of positive messages was so motivating even when I felt defeated.

Thank you to all of the people (908ers and friends) who gave up their holiday weekend and traveled 4+ hours to watch me and all of the other Northeast Regional Athletes exercise like maniacs!  908 nearly had the biggest cheering section, if not the biggest, and we were definitely the loudest.  To go out onto the competition field and see all of those bright blue and yellow shirts cheering for me, carrying “Fear the beard” signs, and helping push me through the workouts was an overwhelming feeling.  I don’t compete to be popular, but you guys made me feel like a celebrity this weekend, and that was a phenomenal feeling!  There were several moments of weakness for me this weekend, like when I wanted to quit a workout (#4!) and crawl into a hole, but knowing that I had so many people there supporting me, I pushed through, and I am so happy I didn’t give up!  I don’t think I would have made it in the top 20 if it weren’t for all of you guys!

Thank you to Heather H. for organizing all our team dinners and taking on a big portion of the organizational burden of trying to get 40+ people to do the same thing!

Thank you to Jason Schroeder and Brazen Athletics for being our neighbors in Canton and adding to the 908 support staff!  You guys are awesome, and it should be known that Brazen and 908 are friends.  Brazeners can drop in to any 908 class and should feel at home.  Jason and I will be training together over the next year, in anticipation of making some serious improvements in the next year.

A very special thank you to my wife, Erin, for doing everything from organizing the trip, to ordering shirts, to handling all of the B.S. that nobody else wants to do, cheering me on and cheering me up, sacrificing your weekend, wants, needs and time for me.  You were a coach, friend, wife, therapist, both physical and mental, and a rock for me this past weekend.   In fact, you are always all of those things, but sometimes it takes a crazy weekend like this for me to sit back and realize how good I have it.  Thank you for everything!

I am excited to get back to 908 and see all my people.  I hope I did you all proud this weekend.  I have some good ideas for workouts this week…..:)

20 thoughts on “05/28/12 – Thank You All!!!!!!!”

  1. This whole thing was just full of serious awesomeness. Congratulations, Tim. We are all lucky to have you as a coach. Welcome home.

  2. Well put TC! It was inspiring and motivating for us all. I found a new form of appreciation for the mental and physical challenges faced. You do a great job for us all and are a great role model dude. Hope you get some rest. Awesome weekend all!

  3. It was an amazing weekend! Congratulations Tim! The workouts were so brutal but you were so inspiring! I agree with Rahul, it was so motivating to watch you and Jason. I would not have wanted to spend my weekend any other way than screaming for you both! I am so proud of you and how you represented 908! Thanks to you and Erin for sharing this experience with all of us!

    Honestly, I think I am terrified of what the WODs this week will be! 🙂

  4. I am so INSPIRED by watching you this weekend. Thank you for being an example that we can be proud of. I was happy to be there screaming for you!

  5. So proud to be a 908-er…I couldnt make this weekend, but thought about you and checked up on you constantly!!! You’re amazing 🙂 You make us all strive to be the absolute best we can be…

  6. This post made me cry! Tim, you are absolutely amazing in every which way. Watching you out there on the field makes me swell with pride, and I feel so lucky to have you as my husband. You are a phenomenal athlete and so dedicated to your sport and your gym. Seeing you walk back to grab your water bottle after you finished the 6th event was surreal: The 908 crowd was cheering SO loud for you, it brought tears to my eyes to see how INCREDIBLE your support system is. Thank you to Tim for being an inspiration, and thank you to 908 for being a part of our family and sharing these moments with us.

  7. wish i could have made it up there…toby and I literally stopped what we were doing and ignored customers while your workouts were going on to get updates on twitter and facebook…proud to be associated with you and the whole 908 crew

  8. Reading this brought tears to my eyes… so heartfelt and eloquent. We are all lucky to have found our way to CF908. Tim and Erin, you truly make it a community!

  9. Tim – we were all so proud of you and amazed at how you pushed yourself through those horrendous workouts. You are an inspiration to every one of us. Thank YOU!

  10. You guys are making me cry!! Tim you were an inspiration and I was checking in on twitter and FB all weekend! So proud to be part of the 908 family!! I hope you all can make it to the BBQ next weekend 🙂

  11. Dear Tim. We are all so incredibly proud of you. Not just this weekend for all your incredible feats of strength and endurance. But most importantly for the person and coach you are to all of us. Cant wait to have you nack and lets start ttaining real hard for nezt years open!!

  12. Tim, thank YOU for all you do for us… for inspiring, motivating, and pushing us 🙂 Watching you this weekend has been such a great experience – as you walked up to the arena and performed each of the events with all your heart!! I’m so proud to be a part of the 908 family you started. Thank YOU for following your dream and opening up 908… you have changed all of our lives!! I’m looking forward to losing my voice again at next year’s North East Regionals for the third year in a row! You go, TC!!! 🙂

  13. Tim, you did us all VERY proud! Thank you not only for an extremely inspiring weekend, but also for all Erin and you have done to make 908 the unique, fun, and welcoming community it is today.

  14. What a riot hearing of all your success and accomplishments from afar! Our little family mentioned “coach Tim” numerous times throughout the weekend. Stay strong brother!

  15. Tim you could never let us down, you are an inspiration no matter what. You and Erin are two of the most humble and motivating people I have ever met. This weekend was one of the best ways to have ever celebrated a holiday weekend with the both of you and everyone from the gym who has become family over the last year.

    I would also like to add that Brazen was a great gym to set up camp next to and Jason blew me away with who is is and what he said. I hope we can have a Gym night with them!

    I was also blown away by the support all the gyms gave to each other and I got to celebrate a win with a very proud little girl who came up to me and her mom for CFNE in the team event.

    What am amazing weekend

  16. Tim, you know Dottie is totally crying reading your posts, and all of the comments from our 908 family :). Tim, I know I’m not a mom yet, but I feel like my feelings for you are what a mother feels for her child…as I watch you compete, I cheer you on with everything I have…I hold my breath when I know you are doing something that takes all of your will power to do…my heart beats quicker when I see you attempt a movement/workout/skill that I know most people would love to even try to do as well as you do, and my heart soars when I see you succeed. I felt a rainbow of emotions this weekend, and I just want to say again how extremely proud of you I am. You are not only my “baby brudder”, but you are one of my very best friends. I am blessed to have you in my life. And, I could not have asked for a better sister-in-law than Erin…Tia, you are truly the sister that I never had. There isn’t a better pair than you and Tim, and I thank you for being such an amazing wife to him, sister to me, friend, supporter…everything!!! Tim and Erin, I love you guys with all my heart and soul. And, thank you to everyone at 908 for making 908 so successful, motivating, and just plain awesome!!! I love you guys!!!

  17. Wish I could have been there! I was following your progress and I’m so proud of you! I feel so lucky to be a member of the 908 crew 🙂 Great job Tim!!!!

  18. Tim,

    Great job this weekend! I was following along from home and very proud to be a member of 908.

  19. Tim, you did an awesome job. It was truly inspiring to watch you and Jay compete and see all the support from everyone. My sons and I were screaming our faces off in the crowd. They are still talking about it days later, so thanks for inspiring them too! A great experience to be part of .