06/24/12 – Sunday Update

Congratulations to all of our 908ers and friends who competed in the Garage Games yesterday at Crossfit ACT.  There were some phenomenal performances, including many first time competitors.  So happy to have seen so many familiar faces out there pushing through three arduous workouts.  Here is the url for the results.

This week at the 908FIT we will be repeating workouts from the beginning of April.  Again, this is a week to do a little progress check. The workouts are from 04/02 – 04/07.

Reminder – You must input your billing information into zenplanner in order for your payments to go through.  The information did not transfer from Mindbody.  Make sure you are pre-registering for the classes you plan to attend.  Classes are capped @ 20 people.

  • Mon – Thruster + Dos Couplets
  • Tue – Triplet
  • Wed – The ol’ sandwiched triplet
  • Thur – DIY
  • Fri – Couplet
  • Sat – Team WOD