07/07/16: Yoursday

Today is Thursday Yoursday, which means all classes are set up like open gym.  You can use the hour long class to work on a skill, make up a missed workout, work on mobility, lift, or just enjoy the ambiance.  We will be programming additional squatting on Thursdays and Sundays.  Bottom line, enjoy the day.  Do some stuff you need to work on, and do some stuff you love.

Weightlifting club is tonight @ 7:15pm.  Come get your lift on with Jake!

Skill Of The Month – Muscle Up / Bar & Ring / Kipping

  • The focus for Thursdays in July will be muscle ups  During each class the coach will spend time with whoever is interested in learning progressions for muscle ups.  This will include learning how to properly kip, understanding the requisite strength to perform both the pulling and pushing portion of the muscle up, as well as practicing different progression on transitioning from below the rings/bar to above.  Here are some basics on the muscle up.  If you already have a muscle up, you can still work on progressing towards increasing your max set as well as strict muscle ups.  If you are interested in learning a muscle up, use these next four weeks to gain a full understanding of the fundamentals pieces of the muscle up, and practice them as much as you can.
Gray and Ginger rocking it.
Gray and Ginger rocking it.