08/18/16: Yoursday

LURONG LIVING NUTRITION CHALLENGE – We will be partnering up with Lurong Living for our September Nutrition Challenge.  Early bird pricing ends Monday, 0822.  The challenge is 7-weeks long and entails nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle.  We will be hosting a talk on Wednesday, September 7, during the majority of they day’s classes.  The challenge starts on Monday, September 12.  Check out the link above for all of the details.

Today is Thursday Yoursday, which means all classes are set up like open gym.  You can use the hour long class to work on a skill, make up a missed workout, work on mobility, lift, or just enjoy the ambiance.  We will be programming additional squatting on Thursdays and Sundays.  Bottom line, enjoy the day.  Do some stuff you need to work on, and do some stuff you love.

Weightlifting club is tonight @ 7:15pm.  Come get your lift on with Jake!

Skill Of The Month – Turkish Get Up

  • The focus for Thursdays in August will be the Turkish Get Up.  The Turkish Get Up (TGU) is a phenomenal shoulder mobility/stability drill while also being a great strength building exercise for your core.  It requires a bit of practice, coordination, and balance, but after a few reps you will be able to use the TGU for warm ups, workouts and cool downs.  HERE is an instructional video on how to properly perform a TGU.  Before you do your next shoulder workout, try 2-3 reps on each arm.  You will notice your shoulders feel more stable and mobile.  You will likely see the TGU in programming going forward so make sure you take the time to learn it!
Cathy riding that bike like she stole it!
Cathy riding that bike like she stole it!