09/06/16: Nutrition Talk Wednesday Night

Hello All,

LURONG LIVING NUTRITION CHALLENGE – As you know we will be partnering up with Lurong Living for our September Nutrition Challenge.  The challenge is 7-weeks long and entails nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle.  Tomorrow night, Wednesday 09/07, Nicole from Lurong Living will be at the evening classes to talk to each class and answer any questions.  If you are normally a morning person, you can still stop by at any time during the night classes to speak with Nicole.  She will do a brief 5-10 min talk before each class, and then answer any questions after each class.  The challenge starts on Monday, September 12. Check out the link above for all of the details.  So far we have 25 people signed up!  Email [email protected] with any issues.

Today’s Workout:

  • Strength – EMOM10 – 1 Clean + 1 Hang Clean (just above knee) – Start @ 75% of 1RM Clean.  Build to 85%+.
  • Conditioning – 10RFT – “Roll Cage” – 20 min time cap
    • 7 Pull Ups (Sx = Jumping or Banded Strict / CRx = CTB)
    • 14 Wall Balls (Sx = 14#/10# – Rx = 20#/14# to 10ft)
  • Finisher – 5 x :30 on / :30 off wtd plank – alternate with a partner
Sue rocking some swings
Sue rocking some swings