10/04/16: Dumbday

For those of you who are not on Facebook – I posted this on Monday in the CF 908 Community Group.  If you are on Facebook, make sure you request to join.

I wanted to write something sooner, but the day got away from me. I did not get the time today that I wanted to reflect on how special of a day it is to me. Seven years ago today I opened the doors of CF 908. At the time, Erin was working as her sexy scientist self, and I had quit my job six months prior to, “Open a CrossFit gym, man!” It seemed pretty ridiculous at the time, and while I had the support of all of my friends and family, I knew I was taking a pretty significant risk. Sure, I was young and would have time to get back into something else, but I was leaving a career that I thought I had wanted to be in since I was 15 years old. I had never thought of owning my own business or becoming a trainer prior to the year before I opened the gym. It was a big change to the say the least, and it was an even bigger change forErin considering I quit my job, bought a ring, and proposed in the same month. #howtoscareagirlaway.

The past seven years have been amazing. 908 has grown into one huge amazing family that brightens my day each and every day. I have never been a part of a group of people who are so caring and so willing to help, support, judge, volunteer, go out, whatever it is, you all do it on the regular. At our roots, we are a gym. We do CrossFit, but it feels like so much more than that. People come and go, and from a business standpoint that sucks, but those who stay are of the best quality. All around great human beings who just want to be a little bit more fit and healthy each and every day. I know I speak for the coaches when I say that we are here to support you today, and every day going forward to help you all get to where you want to be. We’ll never stop working to make 908 a better product.

Thank you to our members for giving a guy with a far out dream an opportunity to do what he loves. I may not love the fact that I am getting up tomorrow @ 4am (I’ll never love that), but there is nothing I love more than seeing someone make progress.

Thank you to Erin for coming on board and helping turn 908 into a true business and not just a place where there are a bunch of bros bro-ing. You do more for the gym than you get credit for, but I know you do it, and I know it would not be the same place without you.

I fully expect 908 to be around in another 7 years. Things may change, and people may leave, but one thing will remain the same. We will be a top-notch community based functional fitness facility who genuinely cares about their family.

Thank you all,

Tim & Erin

Today’s Workout:

  • Strength – 5 x 3 Back Squat @ 90-100% of Front Squat Max
  • Conditioning – “Under-Over” – For Time
    • 15 Dumbbell Box Step Overs – 20″ or less (Sx = 30#/20# – Rx = 50#/35#)
    • 15 Dumbell Hang Clean
    • 50 Double Unders (SX = 1:00 of double unders)
    • 12 DB Box Step Over
    • 12 DB Hang Clean
    • 50 Double Unders
    • 9 DB Box Step Overs
    • 9 DB Hang Clean
    • 50 Double Unders
    • 6 DB Box Step Overs
    • 6 DB Hang Clean
    • 50 Double Unders
    • 3 DB Box Step Overs
    • 3 DB Hang Cleans
    • 50 Double Unders
  • Finisher – 3 rds – 20 lunges / 20 banded good mornings
Kelly locking out a jerk like a champ!
Kelly locking out a jerk like a champ!