10/06/16: New Skill Of The Month

The skill of the month for October is Rowing.  This is something we do very often, but it is something that gets butchered just as often.  Improving your technique will help you row faster, expend less energy, and keep you safe.  Ask your coaches for a tutorial and then practice some rowing drills to solidify your understanding of proper rowing technique. Here is a good video explaining the proper order of operations on the rower and why your current rowing technique may be making you slower and more tired.

Today is Thursday Yoursday, which means all classes are set up like open gym.  You can use the hour long class to work on a skill, make up a missed workout, work on mobility, lift, or just enjoy the ambiance.  We will be programming additional squatting on Thursdays and Sundays.  Bottom line, enjoy the day.  Do some stuff you need to work on, and do some stuff you love.

Weightlifting club is tonight @ 7:15pm.  Come get your lift on!

Will & Ant - #Twinsies
Will & Ant – #Twinsies