11/22/16: Holiday Nutrition Challenge????

With Thanksgiving fast approaching and December right around the corner, the Holidays are upon us.  For many of us that means more nights out, more parties, less than ideal food choices and decisions, and a few too many adult beverages.  Realizing that this festive time of year can lead to a bit of self loathing, we think it would be a great idea to host a Nutrition Challenge for the month of December.  We plan to structure it with a bit more leniency, but have some bonuses for those who can manage to stay strict.  It will be a partner challenge, which we feel will increase the accountability of each person.  We need to get a read on whether people are definitely interested because we need to mobilize in the next week or so.  Please post to the comments section.  We will also have a sign up sheet at the gym.


  • Thursday, December 1st @ 6:30PM – Shoulder Mobility Workshop with Keith Wittenstein @ CrossFit 908.  This workshop is for CrossFitters that need help going overhead. So basically all CrossFitters.  If you have tight shoulders, he will show you how to stretch them. If you have weak shoulders, he will show you how to strengthen them.  If they hurt and you don’t know why, we’ll figure that out together.  This workshop will focus on overhead mechanics that apply to handstands, overhead squats, and even pull ups. 2 hour long seminar, $35, sign up here.
  • Saturday, December 3rd @ 8PM – It’s that time of year again…the 908 Christmas Party @ CrossFit 908!  All are welcome – family, spouses, kids, friends!  We will have some Kettlebell Kitchen dishes along with adult beverages, but please feel free to bring a food/beverage item of your choice.  Join the Facebook event here.

Today’s Workout:

  • Conditioning – 3 Rounds For Time – “Open Close”
    • 40 Calorie Row
    • 30 Box Jumps (Sx = 20″/18″ – Rx = 24″/20″ – CRx = 30″/24″)
    • 20 Handstand Push Ups (Sx = Box HSPU or DB Strict Press / Rx = Head to Ground / CRx = Strict or Deficit)
  • Finisher – 4 Sets – 15 Weighted Sit Ups / 15 Weighted Glute Bridges
Mark showing off some pretty bar muscle ups.
Mark showing off some pretty bar muscle ups.