12/12/16: Announcements

1) One of our members, Magda Sliwowski, was diagnosed this summer with Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC).  This genetic heart disease forms scar tissue on the heart muscle causing abnormal irregular heart rhythms.

Before Thanksgiving, Magda experienced complications during a routine procedure — causing her to have emergency open heart surgery.  She has spent the past few weeks recovering in the hospital – and is determined to celebrate the holidays at home.

We all know Magda has the innate mental and physical strength to fully recover.  As her 908 family, we want to show her our love and support as she embarks on this journey ahead.  Therefore, we will be dedicating Saturday’s WOD in her honor.

Since she will likely still be in the hospital, we would love to film the classes and record words of encouragement to share with her.  Would anyone at the gym be willing to donate their time/services to making that happen?

Thank you in advance!

2) SCHEDULE UPDATE  – We are adding a 5am on Thursdays in an attempt to alleviate some of the congestion.  For the remainder of 2016 5am Thursdays will follow an open gym format.  In January, Thursday classes will be a programmed workout.

Pricing / Schedule Update Email – Please ensure you received the email we sent a few weeks ago regarding pricing and schedule changes coming in 2017.  If you did not receive the email, please email [email protected].

3) Holiday Cards – If you have a family Holiday card, please bring it in to the gym so we can put it on display!

4) Give To Live – Hi everyone! I know a bunch of you expressed interest in helping Margaret Murphy- Cranston with sponsoring a military family. She is still working on finding a family to help, so in the meantime we were thinking of helping another 908er Kristin Roselli Steinmetz, who has put together a group called Give to Live, which helps out Union County foster families. We will be collecting for these local foster families who are trying to give their foster babies a happy and healthy first Christmas. If you would like to help out – In a new or gently used diaper bag or reusable tote, please include newborn diapers, maybe some wipes, and new onesies. If you would like to include a hat, maybe some leftover newborn pajamas you have in the closet with the tags still on, or any other gear, please go right ahead!!! We will be collecting everything at the gym, last day for collection will be Friday, December 16th. Thank you in advance.

Today’s Workout: Last completed 06/06/16

  • Strength – Back Squat – 6 x 6 – Add 1-5 lbs from last Monday
  • Conditioning – For Time “The lime and the coconut”
    • 100 Double Unders (Sx = 1 sec per rep of attempts or 3 for 1 singles)
    • 2 Cleans (Sx = 95#/65# – Rx = 135#/95# – CRx = 185#/125#)
    • 80 DU
    • 4 Cleans
    • 60 DU
    • 6 Cleans
    • 40 DU
    • 8 Cleans
    • 20 DU
    • 10 Cleans
  • Finisher – 3 x 10 Bent Over DB Rows + :30 side plank each side
Laura looking cool and calm during some heavy deadlifts
Laura looking cool and calm during some heavy deadlifts